Picking the Perfect Tech Tools for College Students

As technology spreads to every part of our lives, it’s becoming more and more important to invest in a good gadget that can help you function in a virtual academic setting. Teachers are using email, Zoom, and other online tools to streamline their classroom, and without a device to keep you in the loop, it’s easy to fall behind. As distance learning becomes more common, it’s even more critical to invest in good tech. Here are some things to consider as you’re shopping for the best device for your needs!

Consider How You Learn

Many college students get swept up into wanting the best new tech trends, but many don’t stop to consider how their learning fits into technology. Ask yourself how you learn best. Do you need to write out your notes by hand to remember them? Do you prefer to type in class, or is that distracting for your learning? Whatever your preference, look for a device that fits your individual learning style.

Stick To Your Budget

Nothing gets more expensive more quickly than technology. The average cost of a basic laptop these days is about $450 USD, with top-of-the-line models costing upwards of $1,000. The pressure to invest in the latest Apple MacBook or a brand new PC might be intense, but there are many other computers and desktops that can provide the same functions without the massive price tag.

Don’t Overlook Tablets

Many students seem to focus on traditional laptops or PC setups, but these devices are not the only option. Tablets provide a portable, affordable alternative to standard laptops. They fit into purses or backpacks and can be easily used on public transport on your way to classes. Apps allow you to hand write notes with a stylus, or you can add a magnetic keyboard to expand your tablet into a full desktop set-up. From iPad to Surface Pros, a tablet can cover all your bases.

Think Past Computers

Sometimes it’s easy to shrink the world of tech down to laptops or tablets, the immediate devices you need to finish homework or video chat with your classmates. However, as many students begin to learn at home or in non-traditional settings, it’s important to consider other tech gadgets that can help you create the perfect study setting. Soundproof headphones, portable chargers, wifi-range extenders: all of these are useful tools for students who are trying to learn from home or in areas where the resources of their university are not readily available.

Don’t Forget About Chargers!

Every college student can remember a time when they were up late in the library or pulling an all-nighter in their dorm, rushing to finish a project before the due date, when suddenly their device or laptop dies. Scrambling to find a charger is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially when you’re up against a deadline. Investing in several sets of chargers is one of the smartest things you can do. Keep a set in your backpack, your car, your dorm room, your desk- wherever you learn or work. That way, you’ll never be caught off-guard when you need it the most.

Virtual learning may feel like a challenge, but with the right technology tools to support you, you can overcome any hurdles and continue to succeed in your academic journey. Take these suggestions into your tech-purchasing journey and be sure to check our blog for regular tips and tricks on how to set yourself up for success at college!

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