How to Get Into Top MBA Schools with Ryan Barba

How to Get Into Top MBA Schools with Ryan Barba

If you want to learn how to get into top-tier MBA schools during a pandemic, you will want to pay special attention to this podcast episode.


Ryan Barba, MBA admissions consultant, shares how the pandemic has impacted the MBA admissions process. For example, MBA schools usually expect students to show interest by engaging with their school during on-campus visits, etc. Of course, this is not possible now. You shouldn’t let that hinder you from putting a competitive MBA application together.

A great value that Ryan brings to his clients is his personal success with obtaining his MBA degree and received a full-tuition scholarship! He shares his experience as a MBA graduate as well as his previous work experience in MBA admissions to support his students on their road to MBA journey.

Enjoy this insightful interview jam packed with strategy and tips to successfully navigate the journey to MBA school.

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