100 Scholarships to Apply for in December

100 Scholarships to Apply for in December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While this month is the ending of a semester for your students, your students must prepare for what lies ahead – their next college tuition bill.

How are your students paying for their next semester?

Hopefully, their plan includes investing some time out of their winter break to find and secure scholarships. But, they need your guided support to find and apply for the right scholarships.

Support your students by helping them to sort through the scholarships below. How?

  1. Encourage your students to create a scholarship and grant search resume.
  2. Instruct them to go through each scholarship application link and check for the requirements.
  3. Advise your students to decide if the scholarship requirements are a good match for the them.
  4. Apply for the scholarships that are a good fit.

Now, it’s time to check out these scholarships! Enjoy!


College Life Made Easy

Scholarships 360

December Scholarships

Student Scholarships




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